Introduction of Space Heater

Introduction of Space Heater
Introduction of Space Heater

A space heater is a device used to heat a single room or area of a home. Although many homes have a central heating system, space heaters provide a convenient and often less expensive way to heat specific areas.

Benefits of using space heater

Space heaters are a great way to stay warm in your home without relying on your furnace. There are many benefits of using space heaters, including the following:
1. You can save money on your heating bill by only heating the room you are in instead of your whole house.
2. Space heaters provide targeted warmth to stay comfortable without overheating your home.
3. Some models of space heaters include features like timers and temperature controls, giving you more control over your comfort level.
4. Space heaters are relatively small and can quickly move from room to room as needed.
5. Many people find space heaters more aesthetically pleasing than central heating systems.

Types of Space Heaters

There are many types of space heaters available on the market today. However, prices and features vary widely, so it is essential to research before purchasing a heater. The most common space heaters are radiant, convection, and baseboard heaters.
Radiant space heaters emit infrared waves that directly heat objects and people in the room rather than heating the air around them. These heaters are ideal for small spaces because they provide targeted heat quickly. Radiant space heaters often have ceramic plates or coils that glow red when heated. In addition, some models include a fan to help distribute the heat evenly throughout the room.
Convection space heaters circulate warm air around the room using a fan. These models can take longer to warm up a room than radiant space heaters, but they are more effective at evenly distributing warmth throughout larger areas. Many convection Space Heaters also have built-in fans that can help circulate cool air in summer months, making them a versatile choice for year-round temperature control.
Baseboard Space Heaters use electric coils or hydronic (hot water) tubing to warm up an area gradually over time without circulating any air within the room. Baseboard Space Heaters are designed to be mounted on walls or installed underneath windowsills and come in various sizes and shapes to best fit your needs. Some models even offer dual controls so you can separately target different areas of the room with different temperatures!

Heater Safety Tips

Most home heating systems are very safe if used as intended. Nonetheless, every year people are injured or killed by fires started by heating equipment. The leading cause of these fires is failure to clean heating equipment and flues. Here are some essential safety tips for using your heating system:
-Have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually by a qualified professional
-Never use an oven or stovetop to heat your home
-Make sure space heaters are UL certified and kept away from flammable materials such as curtains or furniture
-Check smoke detectors monthly and replace the batteries at least once per year
-Check with your local fire department about restrictions on the use of open-flame devices such as candles